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The Greatest Wealth is Health

August 25, 2017





What are the most important things in life? I can say for sure that Health is right up there if not the most important. If you're not healthy there isn't much you can do. So why not make time each day to get out there and keep your body happy! We can all understand that day to day life can get very hectic and when you finish work, you just want to get home and pass out.. perhaps netflix and chill? But you've got to make an effort for your health. If you're active, and it may sound cliche but your mind, body and soul will all be in sync and your day to day life will be so much better. With the huge increase in diseases such as diabetes, particularly in USA where almost 10% of the population suffer from the disease, we need to fight back! 1 hour of exercising a day and eating a well-balanced diet will help reduce the numbers of individuals gaining type 2 diabetes. Almost 400m people worldwide suffer from diabetes and the secondary complications can be quite shocking! Make an effort and dedicate some time to getting out there, whether it be hiking, running, cycling or playing basketball. 


From a personal point of view I love to get to the stables and go horseback riding, this is so therapeutic, a great work out and gives myself the time to relax from an otherwise hectic schedule. Find yourself a hobby like this, which you really enjoy and make exercise fun if you're lacking the motivation.

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