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Uno De 50

August 14, 2017







I've always believed dressing simple is the best way forward, I love to wear Baby T's, Jeans and boots as my day to day outfit. I'm allowed to keep it simple as having such great accessories to add to my simple dress style makes the difference from keeping my outfits boring to interesting and fun. I have always loved jewellery and putting on my rings, earrings and necklace in the morning make me just feel amazing. I absolutely adore the Uno De 50 collection, I love all their pieces particularly anything Gold! The best thing about Uno De 50 is that they are priced so fairly, that you do not have to break the bank to have some really quality luxury items that can make any girl feel great.


I'm obsessed with all their jewellery but if I had to select my favorite three pieces as a collection to wear, I have to go for the Do you Orbit earrings, the Prisoner Gold Ring and the Speaking of the Devil Necklace. Each individual piece adds so much to any outfit, all of these pieces can be seen in my images above and with myself just wearing a simple bikini in the images you can see how much life the jewellery gives to my look. I'm in love with the Uno de 50 collection and would highly recommend going down to their new store in Century City in Los Angeles, you'll have a great chance of bumping into me there!






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