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How to: Charlotte Tilbury's The Dolce Vita Look

January 2, 2017

Eye shadow has always been one thing I never felt confident in applying. It's only recently that I've built the confidence to apply it - I give full credit to Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Eye Palette. She provides a really simple step by step application process, which I follow and love!

It really makes my eyes stand out and now I don't fear applying eye shadow but look forward to the process!


Here are the steps she recommends:


Step 1: 

Using an eye blender brush, apply PRIME to the entire eye-lid, with a backwards and forwards 'windscreen wiper' motion. Then use an eye smudger brush to apply the PRIME shade to the inner corners of the eyes to open them up.


Step 2: 

Nestle the ENHANCE shade in the outer corner of the eye socket using a crease brush and blend. Then use an eye smudger brush apply the ENHANCE shade along the upper and lower lashline.


Step 3:

Using a crease brush, blend the SMOKE shade from the outer corner of the eye, upwards and into the socket. Then use a eye smudger brush apply the SMOKE shade along the upper lashline and into the socket in a half-moon shape. Also run it along the lower lashline.


Step 4: 

With your ring finger, apply the POP shade to the centre of your eyelid for amped up glamour.




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